Who is a Deaconess?

A deaconess is a theologically trained servant of Christ. Her desire is to serve and care for those in need. This desire flows from the mercy she receives from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament. She then yearns to give others the mercy that has been given to her. Not only does a deaconess show mercy to those who know Christ, but she also serves and has compassion on those that do not yet know the love of Christ.

Deaconesses come from all walks of life and their background and education vary greatly. The one similarity is their desire to serve others. No matter the background and education, a future deaconess comes to the seminary to study theology. There are many opportunities to apply what is learned in the classroom through hands-on learning in local parishes, institutions and missions. Through these studies and fieldwork assignments, she is molded into Christ’s servant to His people.

Have you felt a nudge from the Lord about the Deaconess Program? Has someone said that you that you would make a great deaconess? We would love to help you discern if this vocation is right for you. For more information on the deaconess program please visit www.ctsfw.edu/Admission or contact our Admission Office at 1-800-481-2155 or admission@ctsfw.edu.