Help With Moving

God's blessings and welcome to (or back into) our seminary community. There are a number of things that we need to know that will allow our moving committee to be of assistance to you.

First, please advise us of the date/time of your expected arrival at Fort Wayne.If something changes from what you have put down as arrival hour, CALL IMMEDIATELY. (You will receive a list of important phone numbers with your confirmation email.) Many times in the past, through no fault of the mover, the rental truck wasn't ready for pick up, etc.; hence, arrival at Ft Wayne was 3 hours later than designated. The seminarian men are in class and hold down jobs. They are willing to help another; however, please call if there is a change so the men on this end are not waiting those 3 hours for you to arrive. THIS IS VITAL!

Please advise us of the address that you will be moving into on that date. (See Moving Committee Move-In Data Sheet)

Please advise us of the approximate amount of household contents you will bring (l bed, 2 beds). This helps to determine the amount of help needed. (See See Moving Committee Move-In Data Sheet)

** Please fill in the online moving sheet OR print the PDF moving sheet ASAP and return it to:

Concordia Theological Seminary
Attention: Moving-In Committee, Box 438
6600 N. Clinton St
Ft Wayne, In 46825


We hope you will want to help the next person on the moving roster as it is one seminarian helping another.

Yours in Christ, and WELCOME HOME!

Moving Committee of Seminarians

If the data sheet is not returned 1 week prior to your move here, moving assistance may not be available.